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  Darwin Trilogy
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From the Preface of Volume 12, by Majid Ali, M.D.

Of Diagnosis, Detection, Ethics, and Denial

A search of  The New England Journal of Medicine's shows it has never published a report of chelation therapy for multiple toxic metals to discover how many patterns of ill-health can be reversed with removal of toxic metals. Does it mean the patients of doctors who read the journal never  suffer from toxicity of mercury, lead, cadmium, or other toxic metals? An internet search of the Journal of the American Medical Association's  website reveals it has never published a report of the benefits of  liver detoxification therapies. May one reasonably surmise that the patients of doctors who read the journal never suffer from liver toxicity that responds well to topical castor-oil liver packs and other non-drug measures?

    The readers of Gastroenterology do not think  mycotoxins sicken any of their patients. If they did, why wouldn't they test their patients for mycotoxins and treat them with antifungal therapies?

    The readers of Chest maintain their asthmatic patients never suffer from mold allergy. If they did, why wouldn't they test and treat mold and pollen allergy with desensitization protocols? Rheumatologists never test patients with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other collagen disorders for food allergy and adverse food reactions because the Archives of Rheumatology has never published papers demonstrating that some foods, under certain conditions, provoke chronic inflammatory response—by immune complex, IgE- mediated, mast cell degranulation, and other mechanisms—and cause autoimmune disease. If they knew that, why wouldn't they address those crucial dietary issues?

    One may conclude from the above that those who control The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)—and enormously enrich themselves in the process—have convinced doctors that Americans are completely immune to toxic metals, industrial toxicants, pesticides, mycotoxins (mold toxins), and mold allergy.  Similarly, one may deduce those who publish and profit from Gastroenterology, Chest, and the Archives of Rheumatology preach that Americans are completely immune to health consequences of toxic environment, toxic foods, and toxic thoughts.

Diagnosis Versus Detection

    Pathological diagnosis continues to be the gold standard in medicine. Pathologists make diagnoses with their microscopes after the tissue damage occurs. So, they always observe the aftermath of the disease process—the tail end events, so to speak—caused by whatever agents(s) initiated the process. Biochemical diagnoses of  autoimmune and degenerative diseases by measuring  markers—rheumatoid factor for rheumatoid arthritis and anti-DNA antibodies for lupus, for example—are commonly made. However, such markers never reveal what elements of toxic environment, toxic foods, and toxic thoughts  induced the generation of those markers of disease. The story of genetic diagnosis is always incomplete. Gene-disease associations used for diagnosis cannot rule the coexistence of other implicated, but as yet unrecognized, genes. This is abundantly evident to those who have closely followed the history of genomic diagnosis during the last three decades.

    The histopathologic diagnosis of malignant disorders is crucially important for optimal management; however, such diagnoses never completely delineate the involved carcinogenic factors—the asbestos-mesothelioma theories of "meso- lawyers" notwithstanding.

    How, for instance, may anyone exclude the cancer-causing effects of tobacco smoking, environmental carcinogens, and persistent inflammatory triggers in the genesis of any mesothelioma? How can anyone, other than meso-lawyers, assert that asbestos is the only carcinogen that causes mesothelioma in their clients? The essential point is: How much an individual suffers from any disease is determined by the total body burden of all relevant factors that impede cellular energetic and detox mechanisms in his body.

    In 1954, I learned that tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium species and influenza pneumonia by the flu virus. I recognized this information was incomplete. My mother had open tuberculosis, and she coughed out thick phlegm month after month, year after year, not infrequently one foot or so from my face. I have six siblings. Eventually, most of us responded positively to a tuberculin test, indicating a subclinical tubercular infection. However, none of us contracted a clinical disease requiring treatment.

    In 1958,  while some students in my class became ill during flu season,  more did not. The professors in my medical school told me the state of immunity determines who gets sick and who does not. That raised the obvious question: what determines the state of an individual's immunity? The professors gave glib answers about the risk factors of poor immunity, but never a definitive answer concerning the cause of poor immunity of a given individual. There was seldom, if ever, any reference to toxic environments, toxic foods, and toxic thoughts.

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